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In 2002, Dr Darren R Weissman, an internationally renowned holistic physician from the United States, discovered that there is a way of discovering the hidden self within through a unique method called The LifeLine Technique. In this modality, you become more aware of your true self and are empowered to heal your own life both physically and emotionally of all the issues that affect your life. Every thought and decision you made in your life was indeed affected by a life experience somewhere else in your life. It is linked. Discovering these interweaving circumstances that uniquely influence you and using the right tools to unravelling your unique mystery is the key to living a better life.

Stress Balance Joy

Stress BalanceJoy


The human body is a direct reflection of the mind. The body speaks to us. Each and every physical symptom is directly linked to the thought patterns and feelings we hold within. All illnesses and diseases begin at the level of the mind. Most of us don’t understand how this happens. Dr Darren Weissman’s LifeLine Technique integrates more than 14 different modalities to access and explain with complete accuracy, what is on your mind that is making you unhealthy, unhappy or unbalanced. Once you know what’s truly standing in the way of living your best life, you are on your way to truly living a better life.


Human beings are complex creatures. We are each wired differently. From the day we are born many experiences shape us and the way we think. We go on to live our lives through thought patterns and emotional experiences, and make life choices using this as a guide. But what affects us greatly is the many thoughts and feelings in our subconscious mind which rules our every day living, in ways we never thought possible. Our subconscious mind is extremely powerful. Our conscious mind comes from using 2-10% of our minds. But our subconscious mind comes from 90-98% of our minds. In truth our lives are influenced, disturbed and even sabotaged at times by our subconscious ways of thinking in more ways than we know, but we just don’t know it. We live life on auto pilot expecting to be happy and fulfilled, thinking, our conscious decisions should be the right decision towards experiencing happiness.


The ego is the false self of you. It is a shadow self. It is a part of you but not the real you. The ego lives in all that is unreal and false. The real you lives within your true and authentic self. But because we are not conscious of how the ego operates in our lives, it runs your life for you and even ruins it at times. You make the wrong decisions simply because you are unaware another programming is running in your mind and calling the shots. We end up making spur of the moment choices that end up in unhappy situations.


Life is supposed to be Fun. Fulfilling. Joyous. Peaceful. Easy. When we are not facing ups and downs. Instead the opposite is the reality. Life is constantly a struggle with few moments of joy. We struggle with Stress. Unhappiness. Health issues. Negativity. Conflict. Relationship issues. How did our life change from the joys of childhood to the worries of adulthood?

The truth is, we hold the key to living our best life. We CAN change our lives. We ARE in control of our happiness. And we CAN live a better life. It’s really that easy. Yes, really. But most of us don’t live life that way because we don’t know how to live life that way. We were not taught in school or by our parents. There was no “how to” manual. No guide. Life just happens to us. And we cope. But it is far from a happy fulfilling life. Are you in pain? Are you depressed? Are you disturbed? Are you experiencing health issues? Are you fearful? Are relationships challenging and difficult? Are you struggling with life issues? Family issues? Is life just a struggle?


STEP 1  Understand yourself better.

STEP 2  Know what causes YOU unhappiness.

STEP 3  Gain clarity and purpose.

STEP 4  Realize the best solution.

STEP 5  Take Action.

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