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The Power of the Subconscious Mind

Ever wondered why you continue to do things that are bad for you, even when you logically know that these actions bring no benefit to anyone?

For instance, we know that exercise is good for us, but how often do we hit the gym? We say that we want to be smarter, but we skip classes. We say that we want a better job, but we don't prepare for the job interview. We say that we want to have a better relationship with our significant other, but we end up fighting over whose turn it is to make dinner. The contradictions never end.

It turns out that there is a scientific explanation for this.

Imagine your brain as three circles; each within the other, gradually growing in size.

The smallest circle is your "reptilian brain", the oldest remnant of our evolutionary past. It controls your most primal instincts, such as hunger, fear, anger, and arousal. It repeats the same behaviour without learning from past mistakes. Think of a time when you felt an emotion that you felt was uncontrollable - like fleeting thoughts of road rage - you have your reptilian brain to thank for that!

Circling the reptilian brain is the limbic brain, which we share with our fellow mammals. This handles more complex emotions such as love and compassion - and connects them with memory. This is why when you think of a particular moment in your life, even if it happened many years ago, you still tend to feel some semblance of the emotions you felt then.

Then we have the largest part of our brain, the nerocortex. Home to the famous left and right brains, the nerocortex helps us process abstract thought, logic, language and symbols - the very human traits that separate us from animals.

So what does all this science talk have to do with you?

It turns out that the less logical parts of our brains can control us on a subconscious level. And the subconscious mind is what keeps us from transforming just feeling "okay" to being great.

So if your subconscious is holding you back from being your best, how can you change that?

Creator of the Lifeline Technique, Dr Darren Weissman, believes we need to get to the root of our caused by the reptilian and limbic brains and bend these to our conscious will.

Since the subconscious mind also regulates vital functions such as blood pressure and heart rate, the body's physical symptoms can act as cues to what the subconscious mind is trying to tell us. Lifeline Technique practitioners have the tools to interpret these symptoms and enable us have a dialogue with the subconscious. While the technique tackles the deepest part of your being, it is non-evasive - you don't even have to talk about the exact nature of your problems. The key here is explore how you can fully learn from your past experiences to make a decisions in the present.

Through the discovery of your subconscious feelings using your conscious mind, you will able to shift negative emotions and thoughts into empowerment and confidence - instead of having problems, you will have possibilities.

By changing the way you react to others and obstacles, you will able to improve your relationship with yourself and those around you.

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