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The Reconnection

The universe being a such vast and infinite space that it can be sometimes overwhelming to figure out our place in the world.

But our ancestors have always believed that everything is interconnected – and now we have the research to prove it.

From galaxies to plants to humans, we all made up of the same atoms and particles. We are all made of similar chain reactions of molecules, contained by the larger energy grid system of the universe.

There are many names for this energy grid; scientists call it the quantum field while mystics refer to it as the "sea of light".

So why is this important for our everyday lives?

With our busy schedules and worldly concerns, the significance of this inter-connectivity of things may not be readily apparent to us. However, tapping into this greater power unlocks a myriad of possibilities and potential.

At the most basic level, we find ourselves more energetic and compassionate when we acknowledge the fact that we all have a place at this point of existence. In the larger scheme of things, we discover inner-peace and meaning to our lives.

By directly linking to the energies of the universe, we can increase our understanding of the grand scheme of things. Some call this being one with the Universe, evolving to a higher consciousness, or even getting closer to God.

The Reconnection helps us to interact with this feeling of higher purpose, and heal ourselves in the process. Dr Eric Pearl, creator of The Reconnection, describes the model as "an umbrella process of reconnecting to the universe that allows for Reconnective Healing to take place."

This simply means that aligning our personal energy grids (such as acupuncture lines and chakras) with the greater energy all around us, achieve spiritual wholeness.

Reconnective Healing on the other hand, specifically seeks to restore balance within ourselves. Ailments of any sort, be it physical, mental or emotional, are interlinked – when any such illness manifests itself, it affects our overall well-being.

Practitioners of Reconnective Healing do not aim to dissect your personal problems or "treat" ailments. Instead, the focus is on remedying any imbalance present by removing the blocks that keep you from attaining the harmony that we are all capable of.

The Reconnection

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