About Shirene A. Razak

The first Malaysian to earn Certification as a LifeLine Technique™ Practitioner, Shirene trained directly with Dr. Darren Weissman, the founder and developer of the Lifeline Technique™ serving as his understudy in Chicago, IL, USA.

Always interested in finding solutions to the barriers that prevent people from succeeding in their lives, and through her own personal experiences with significant health issues, stress and negativity, Shirene was led towards alternative solutions for healing. Through experiencing several holistic modalities, she began the process of healing both mind and body
... opening the door to her own potential and success.

She found the Lifeline Technique™ to be extremely effective and was able to master many of her own challenges and problems through its practice. The experience was so powerful, it literally provided Shirene a "lifeline" to health, well being and happiness!

Shirene ultimately recognized her true passion for facilitating wellness and personal growth. Today, she successfully helps others to reconnect, balance and thrive! A practitioner of several healing modalities, including The Reconnection and Reiki, she enthusiastically assists clients to discover their own
"Best Self" realize their full unique potential, and achieve their life dreams. Reclaim the joy, health and happiness you deserve!

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